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  • Product Name: TransScript® II One-Step RT-PCR SuperMix (+dye)
  • Catalog Number: AH411
  • Date: 2015-11-05
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    • Specification: 200 rxns×20 µl Systems
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One-Step RT-PCR combines the first-strand cDNA synthesis with PCR in the same tube to simplify reaction setup and reduce the possibility of contamination. Only gene-specific primers can be used for One-Step RT-PCR. TransScript® II RT and TransTaq® HiFi DNA Polymerase are used in the kit.



Amplification of fragment up to 8 kb.



• Multiple copy and low copy gene detection
• GC-rich or complex secondary structure RNA template



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Literature Journal IF Author Date Link
Transcriptome-wide analysis of TDP-43 binding small RNAs identifies miR-NID1, a novel miRNA that represses NRXN1 expression Genomics 3.01 Fan Z, et al. 2013 Jul
A differential sequencing-based analysis of the C. elegans noncoding transcriptome RNA 5.088 Xiao T, et al. 2012 Apr


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