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  • Product Name: EasyPure® PCR Purification Kit
  • Catalog Number: EP101
  • Date: 2016-06-24
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EasyPure® PCR Purification Kit provides a simple and fast method to purify PCR product and enzyme-digested DNA. DNA is specifically bound to silica-based column. This kit can effectively remove impurities, including proteins, organic compounds, inorganic salt ion and primers.


Restriction enzyme digestion, ligation, transformation and sequencing.


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Citations & references


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Molecular characterization of microbial populations in full-scale biofilters treating iron, manganese and ammonia containing groundwater in Harbin, China. Bioresource Technology 4.75 Li X, et al. 2013 Nov
The nature of the force-induced conformation transition of dsDNA studied by using single molecule force spectroscopy Langmuir 4.186 Liu N. et al. 2010 Jun






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